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Turn ons -
- obedience
- respect
- manners
- etiquette
- honesty
- great communication skills
- the ability to learn and grow without complaints
- selflessness

Turn offs
- disobedience
- dishonesty
- being cheap
- not being punctual
- cheeky behaviour
- disregards my limits


Financial domination
Fantasy blackmail (no I will not partake in real blackmail thank you…..)
Tech domination i.e. parental control apps, teamviewer etc.

I am rather the sadist, your pain is always my pleasure. I enjoy total power exchange.

Experience and Qualifications

3 years of experience online and off.
Have been in the sex work industry on and off since 2013 so have quite the understanding of how the male and female brain works.


Working hours

Mon-Thurs 8pm - 11pm
Weekends differ but mainly 8pm-late!


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Pay Rates

  • Group Chat: 5/min
  • Private Chat: 10/min

Main information

  • Languages spoken
  • English