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Because my pleasure is your pleasure and you are the chosen one to please me, to worship me. So now, my dear Slave, come with me to tell you what is the best for you and to teach you how to be the best servant to me! I worn you… there will never be way back once you meet the standards that transcendent your boundaries for my pleasure!!

I am your ultimate pleasure Goddess! The Goddesses of fire, electricity, the oxygen you breathe, the food you eat, the orgasm you have.


I am sensual but very strict and authoritarian Mistress or Goddess, depends on the day how i feel. Not every day is the same.

My passion is dark tantra and i enjoy playing within this spectrum;

- Bondage
- Blindfolds
- Candle wax dripping
- Sensory deprivation
- Gags
- impact play
- electro stimulation
- nipple torture
- Orgasm denial
- Orgasm control
- Foot worship
- Eye contact restrictions
- leather, silk,
- breath play
- anal play
- sissy play


#bdsm #tantra

Experience and Qualifications

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Working hours

MONDAY - 9pm - 2am
TUEASDAY - 9pm - 2am
THURSDAY - 9pm - 2am
SUNDAY - 9pm - 2am


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