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No limit heavy hard hitters wanted
Profound Elegance, Making profanity sound like poetry

If you adore you mix of .........................

Intelligence, Witty Wicked Humour & Sexiness

Read on to learn more about my
Trigger zone at the "PimpHub
I know exactly what you Need!I will fill your body with Ripples of Terror & Delight.

Manipulate & Control your Desires in a Clever Strict Manner. I am the only One you Need

I have a very posh British accent  with such a filthy nasty degrading mouth

Humiliation hell at its finest

You will be leaking locked non stop

Your tiny cock will solid standing to Attention Pronto ! Throbbing & Milked

"I have a very bad mouth but i can do great things with it .I'm the kind of dirty, you cant wash off

Highly Addictive Classy Perfection
♛Queen of Cum♛

Good Boys/Toy Boys wanted to play with EXPERT JOI

I wanna use some dirty toys on some twisted boys

BEG to cum, be teased , edged & eat it or snort it

You will worship every inch of my hot tight body

Now be a good-boy pet for your Mistress

Almost all Roleplays but I'm always the Boss

Joi Jerk Slaves Cummy Treats

Bossy gfe

NICE Mommy Domme
I adore my goodboys ,controlling their body sensations
Zones that are never touched,but are highly simulating I highlight in our session
My voice & tonality tripping you to the edge doing anything Mommy wants or needs

BAD Mommy Domme
Dont fight your urges
Nasty nurturing

Up late can't sleep ?
A chill out & chat session ,bored & lonely .Let's have laugh or heart to heart

DANGERWANK #homewrecker
Not for the fainthearted pussys (high life ruin risk )


(Consensual) exposing your nasty antics , collecting intel for leverage


*Gayfaggot mindwash SLUT4BBC
* CEI & CUM Snorting........ bored of the normal way ?SNIFF that sperm & more!!
*Dangerwank #homewrecker
Not for the fainthearted pussys (high life ruin risk )
* Pegging CEI Loser position full facial & swallow
*CBT, lets see how far i can push you
*JOI & Cum countdowns Your joystick is in my command ! Edging Expert
* Cuckhold
* Chastity
Hate jerk
* Assworship
* Dirtytalk
* Sexting/AUDIO CALL ASMR curl up in bed & listen to my amazing voice tell you story.
* Ignore fetish
* Butt Plug grinding & riding (sub) LOVESENSE CONTROL YOUR ASS
* Homewrecker danger wank
* foot worship/Fetish/socks/pantyhose/stockings
*tiny feet with a delightful high arch , mature soles and cute flexy petite divine toes.Always perfect pedi every 2 weeks .
*Nails & toenails always painted red
* SHINY Fetish/Middle Finger Worship/lip/tongue fetish/lip

Financial Domination
You adore that loss of control & how horny it makes feel sending your money to me.You dont deserve to have any control ever

Total Fucking Goddess Minfuck Supremacy
Mindcum Extreme

Welcome you ass sniffing. Addicts I want to fuck you up sniff to my click loser. Using "mind-numbing" lighting effects. ! Totally Addicted

Hang out call , up late & alone ? We can have an in-depth chat or i can help & give you advice .Im a mature Domme who is a good listener

Experience and Qualifications

A wise person knows their limits
An addicted slave /sub/sissyslut/loser/finsub
knows they have none
My methods of control are both psychological and physical. I use my sharp wit and cunning intellect to manipulate and break down my subjects mentally. With a few carefully chosen words, I can shatter your confidence and reduce you to nothing more than a shell of your former self. And when words are not enough, I am not afraid to use my sadistic physical power to assert my dominance. Pain is a powerful tool, and I wield it with precision.

Loose Dicks Sinks Ships
When you in deep & cock is leaking,desiring me.Those weak loose lips will leak out anything i desire to destroy you. With my intense interrogation skills, Pushing your limits repetitively Breaking you down ,boxing you in tight with my superior closing techniques.
No escape ,No place to hid, recording your nasty acts.
Your so fucked
I specialize in the art of BMing submissive individuals. Using psychological control and manipulation. My methods involve exploiting the deepest desires and secrets of my slaves, using them as leverage to ensure their complete obedience. With meticulous planning and execution Pushing boundaries and exploring the limits of power dynamics, consent and trust are paramount. I engage in extensive negotiations with my slaves, establishing clear boundaries and ensuring their comfort and safety throughout our interactions. This allows for
a consensual power exchange where both parties derive pleasure and satisfaction.
My approach to life control ruin is rooted in psychological manipulation. I carefully study and analyze my slaves, identifying their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. By exploiting these aspects, I am able to exert control over their lives, pushing them to their limits and beyond. Through a combination of fear, arousal, and anticipation


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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